Meg Reilley wedding photographer in Denver

+ Heirloom Family Portraits
+ Fine Art Wedding Photography
+ Wet Plate Collodion Photography

What is Heirloom Family Photography ?

I create of Portraits of you and your family, that you want to pass on to your kids. My intention is to capture the essence of you and your family.

What is Fine Art Wedding Photography?

I describe my wedding work as Artistic & Unexpected. I approach weddings in a documentary style. I try to capture the day, so you can relive it for many years to come.

What is Wet Plate Collodion Heirloom Photography?

Is my current passion. Wet Plate is a photographic process from the 1850’s. It’s as old school as you get . I make images using collodian silver on a piece of alumium. It’s amazing, google it!